Welcome to True Gymnastics.

“We Build Strong Kids!”

Check Out These Important Dates in 2024:

May 1: Fall Schedule Is Released

June 1: Class Recommendations Given to Students 

*July 1: Early Bird Registration*

*Current Customers Only*

July 15 : General Registration Open to Public

July 28-August 3: Show Week for Current Athletes!

August 4- August 10: FUN WEEK!

August 11-September 2:  Gym is CLOSED

September 3: Fall Classes Begin for 2024-2025 Season

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Numbers of years open:


Numbers of years in business:


Number of current students:


Testimonials :

“You will not find more encouraging, motivating, but most importantly kind coaches anywhere else!”

“Two of my children take Ninja class at True Gymnastics. The teachers are great and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. My kids love Mr. Adam.”

“True Gymnastics has been such a wonderful place for my daughter! She is making great gains each week and enjoying every moment of it. The teachers are so sweet and patient and really provide the perfect amount of support for the little ones! I highly recommend it!”

“My oldest is in level 3/4 and I have seen so much change in her since she started in the fall. She’s got so much drive to practice and get better, plus, she’s gained a lot of confidence in her ability. All the credit goes to her amazing coaches at True!”

“My almost 3 year old has been taking gymnastics for over a year now and gets so excited to go each week. True is awesome for toddlers!”

“We have been so impressed at the level of attention and caring given to the kiddos at this facility!”

“Alyssa I just want to say thank you for everything you do for Sophia. You’ve helped her out in so many ways you don’t realize outside of the gym, particularly her self confidence. I’m very grateful for your time and commitment to her.”

“We are so glad we found True Gymnastics! The class sizes are kept small, so the kids don’t have to stand around waiting their turn. And my girls love, love, love their coaches!”

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