990 Castle Shannon Blvd, Castle Shannon, PA 15234

(412)343-3635, E-mail: [email protected]

Rules & Policies

1.*No one is permitted in the gym without an instructor.

2.*All directions given during class must be followed. Due to safety concerns: failure to comply can result in a warning, sitting out, or the student may be asked to leave for the day.

3.Please respect Ice Castle common areas: Clean up all messes. No outside food or drink. Do not block foot traf�c to neighboring businesses. Chairs must be pushed in.

4.No horseplay, tumbling, or physical contact of any kind is allowed in the gym or waiting areas.

5.No food, drink, or chewing gum is permitted in the gym.

6.Boys attire: gym shorts (no jeans) and a �tted shirt. Girls attire: leotard or athletic shorts/shirt. No tights or loose t-shirts. Long hair must be pulled back.

7.Students must ask permission to use restroom or get a drink. Never leave gym unannounced.

8.If child has plans to ride home with someone other than a parent, please inform front desk.

9.Students age 8 and under must be picked up inside the building.

10.ALL students must wait by sliding glass doors for parent. Do not enter parking lot.

11.Please view from hallway windows. *Parents are not permitted to distract children during class.*

12.Students are expected to pay attention during class.

13.Children may not be alone in gym with only one instructor present.

14.Please leave valuables at home. True Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Enrollment Bene�ts

•Twenty Dollars off a TRUE Gymnastics Birthday Party

•10% of second class

•$10.00 credit for referring new students

•Private Lessons

Make-up Policy: When TRUE Gymnastics is closed for holidays you will receive a make-up coupon. This coupon will entitle your child to one make-up class for that holiday. Missed classes are not refunded or credited. You are paying for your child’s space in the class, not the number of classes they attend. Each student will receive three general make-ups for 10 sessions. Please call ahead or check with Front Desk to schedule a make-up class. ​ Summer​

Sessions offer unlimited make-ups.

When school is closed or delayed due to weather, your class will still be held. If your child is in a 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. class and you cannot attend due to school schedule conflicts, you can request a make up at the front desk. The 12:30 Mighty Millipedes (Kindergarten) will receive make up coupons for modi�ed schedules due to weather. Please check our Facebook page or call our of�ce for possible cancellations.

Holidays: True Gymnastics is closed for the following holidays:

Labor Day-- Make-Up Coupon



New​ Year’s Eve-- Make-Up Coupon

Thanksgiving Day-- Make-Up Coupon



Day-- Make-Up Coupon

4th of July--Make-Up Coupon


Christmas Break- Dec. 24-30 not included in your tuition

Withdrawals: Withdrawals must be made two weeks before a new four week session begins. No withdrawals within a session. We offer a two week money back guarantee to new students only. Registration fee is not refundable or transferable.

only. Registration fee is not refundable or transferable.

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